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Hygiene and food safety

Our company follows the latest scientific methods in keeping food safety by acquiring of the ISO 22,000 which consider the latest health certificate that combines not only HASP, which deals with food safety requirements, but also the ISO 9001 which teaches managements to organize their documentation to ISO specifications. Eventually, we are ensuring that our kitchens and our food preparation is achieved in the most hygienic environment possible, and this is something that no other catering company in Kuwait can compete with.

Food Safety Police

As a Global Leader in the Service business will strive to fulfill nationally and internationally recognized food safety rules and put in place appropriate system and proactive control procedures to safeguard the food prepared and served throughout its operations.

To ensure consistency of top food safety standard Abhar catering Company realizes the significance of continuous improvement via adopting innovative and updated workable techniques and methods developed by specialized institutions worldwide.

Abhar catering company is committed to implement this food safety management system which is aligned to the Codex Alimentarius Commission Guidelines for the application of HACCP.

The system is the responsibility of line management, with the active support of all concerned employees


Food is prepared daily to ensure total freshness and it would be stored in a special containers were it was imported from abroad to serve this purpose. Such way, we ensure quality of taste is to be delivered to the client in the same preliminary preparation stage.